How it works:

1. Requesting a Review

To request a review through our office, please forward the records to us at the below address along with your cover letter. Include date of incident, file/claim number, any special requests or time constraints and a list of enclosed records.

2. Assigning an Expert

When a new case is received, it is first reviewed by one of the INSPE partners, who then contacts the requester to discuss specifics of the case, including which type of expert to use, and/or any time-constraints or deadlines. The case is then sent to the appropriate expert for review.

3. Scheduling

Our scheduling staff will arrange any meetings, depositions, trials, exams, etc. with the expert. We will also confirm these dates with the client and the expert as the event approaches. Please contact our office to discuss any of your scheduling needs.

4. Expert Charges

Expert charges for reviews, reports and appearances (office meetings, depositions, trials, etc.) are based on an hourly rate, which varies depending on the type of expert and their credentialing.